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A warm welcome from all of us at 5 Stars Garage Door! We’re your neighbors here in the beautiful state of Arizona, dedicated to ensuring your garage door operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently. We know how vital a functioning garage door is to your daily routine and security. That’s why we specialize in spring repair services, designed to address your needs promptly and professionally.

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5 Stars Garage Doors is here to help you repair, install or fix any garage door problem you may have. 

Weather it be a garage door opener malfunctioning, a broken garage door panel or a snapped garage door spring, we are here to help.

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, we’ve come to understand the unique challenges our climate and lifestyle can pose to garage doors. Whether it’s the intense summer heat warping metal components, or simply the wear and tear of daily use, we’re here to offer a helping hand. Here’s what we promise when you choose 5 Stars Garage Door for your spring repair needs:

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Expertise You Can Rely On

With years of experience under our belts, we’re equipped to handle any garage door spring issue you might face. We stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques to ensure we provide the best service possible.

Safety as a Priority

We understand the risks involved in spring repair and approach every job with the utmost care. Your safety, your property’s security, and our team's wellbeing are our top priorities.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in straightforward communication and honest pricing. You’ll always know what to expect from us, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Prompt and Professional Service

We respect your time and strive to address your garage door issues as quickly as possible. Our team aims to deliver same-day service to get your door back in working order without delay.

Secure Your Garage with Professional Spring Repair

We are experts at spring repair, spring replacement and spring adjustment services here in Arizona. You can feel safe to give us a call, explain to us about your garage door spring issue, and we will fix this issue as fast as possible for your security and peace of mind. 

5 Stars Garage Door Spring Repair Process

A snapped garage door spring is a very common reason customers call us to repair their garage door. For this reason we have a wide range of different types and sizes of springs in our work van. This way once we measure your spring we can replace it on the spot! 

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Ensure Safety and Preparation

At 5 Stars Garage Doors, we start the process by disconnecting the garage door opener power to prevent accidental activation. Then, we secure the garage door in a fixed position to safely work on the springs, whether they're torsion or extension types.

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Release Tension and Remove Damaged Spring

Our expert technicians will carefully release the tension from the existing spring using appropriate tools. For torsion springs, this involves unwinding the spring with winding bars. For extension springs, this means extending and securing the spring. Then, remove the damaged or broken spring from its mounting.

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Install New Spring and Adjust Tension

Our experts will place the new spring in position, attaching it securely to its mounting point. Correctly adjust the spring's tension to ensure balanced, smooth operation of the garage door. This step is critical for both torsion and extension spring systems.

Test and Balance the Door Garage door spring repair

Test and Balance the Door

After installation, our expert technicians will test the garage door manually and with the automatic opener (if applicable) to ensure it operates smoothly. Adjust the spring tension if necessary to achieve a balanced movement, ensuring the door opens and closes correctly without undue strain or imbalance.

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Conduct a Final Safety Inspection

Lastly our technicians will perform a thorough safety check of the garage door, the new spring installation, and all associated hardware. Verify that all components are secure, and ensure the garage door's safety features are fully operational to conclude the repair process.

Common Problems with Garage Door Springs in Arizona

Garage door springs in Arizona face unique challenges due to the state’s distinctive climate and environmental conditions. Understanding these problems can help homeowners recognize when it’s time for maintenance, repair, or replacement. 

Here are some common issues specific to Arizona:

Metal Fatigue from Temperature Fluctuations

Arizona's extreme heat, especially in the summer months, can weaken the metal in garage door springs through thermal expansion and contraction. Over time, this continuous cycle of heating and cooling can lead to metal fatigue, making the springs more prone to snapping.

Increased Wear from Frequent Use

With the reliance on vehicles for transportation in many Arizona communities, garage doors may be opened and closed more frequently than in other regions. This increased use accelerates wear and tear on the springs, shortening their lifespan.

Corrosion Due to Humidity and Monsoon Season

While Arizona is predominantly dry, the monsoon season introduces humidity and moisture, which can lead to rust and corrosion on garage door springs. Rust weakens the springs, reducing their integrity and functionality.

Dust and Debris Accumulation

Dust storms and the generally dusty environment can cause garage door components to accumulate dust and debris. This accumulation can increase friction on the springs and other moving parts, requiring more frequent cleaning and lubrication to prevent premature wear.

Effects of UV Exposure

The intense sun and UV exposure in Arizona can degrade the lubricants used on garage door springs more quickly than in less sunny climates. Without proper lubrication, springs can become noisy and less efficient, and their risk of breaking increases.

Hard Water Impact on Maintenance

Areas of Arizona with hard water can impact the effectiveness of lubricants and cleaners used on garage door components. Minerals in the water can deposit on the springs and tracks, potentially leading to increased wear and the need for more frequent maintenance.

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Recognize These Problems and Have Your Garage Door Springs Checked!

Signs that your garage door spring needs repair or replacement is crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of your garage door. Here are some key indicators that it’s time to call in the professionals:

Door Won't Open or Close

If your garage door won't open or close, it could be due to a broken spring. Springs play a critical role in lifting and lowering the door, and if they're damaged, the door won't operate properly.

Loud Noise When Operating

A loud snapping sound or a bang when the garage door is moving can indicate a spring has broken. This sound is caused by the sudden release of tension when the spring snaps.

Door Opens Partially

If your garage door only opens a few inches and then stops, it might be due to a broken spring. The springs are responsible for providing the force needed to lift the door, and if one is broken, it won't have enough power to open fully.

The Door is Off Balance

If one side of your garage door is higher than the other when closed, or if it doesn't sit level when opened, it could indicate that one of the springs is worn out or broken, causing an imbalance.

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A Gap in the Spring

For torsion springs located above the door, a visible gap in the coil is a clear sign that the spring has broken. The gap occurs because the spring has snapped and is no longer a continuous loop.

Slow Movement When Opening or Closing

If your garage door opens or closes more slowly than usual, it might be struggling against a failing spring. The reduced tension can make the motor work harder, slowing down the process.

Excessive Strain on the Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener seems to be straining more than usual or if it stops working altogether, it might be because the springs are not doing their share of the work. This puts extra stress on the opener, which could lead to its failure.

Cable Problems

Broken springs can lead to cable issues. If you notice loose cables or cables that have come off the drum, it might be because the tension from the springs is no longer keeping them tight.

Get Your Garage Door Springs Fixed Today with Five Star Garage Doors!

Is your garage door refusing to open or close properly? It is most likely a spring issue. Don’t let a broken spring disrupt your day. Five Star Garage Doors is here to offer you a swift, reliable, and comprehensive spring repair service that gets your garage door back in perfect shape.

Don’t wait for a minor inconvenience to turn into a major headache. Contact Five Star Garage Doors today or schedule your repair in our contact page.

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Choosing a garage door company to help you fix your problem can be a scary choice. In todays market there is a wide range of unprofessional garage door technicians that will try their best to upsell their clients.

 Here at 5 Stars we understand your worries and as such we provide free in-house estimate so that you have the freedom of choice. 

We come to your house, inspect the issue and give you upfront and honest quest. We offer payment plans to help you get the issue fixed quickly without breaking the bank. You have no obligation to choose us to repair or install your garage door, so what are you waiting for? Call us today for a free quote!

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Frequently Asked qUESTIONS

How often should garage door springs be replaced?
Garage door springs should typically be replaced every 7 to 9 years, depending on usage. However, in Arizona’s extreme climate, frequent use or specific environmental conditions might necessitate more frequent replacements.
Can I replace garage door springs myself?
While it’s physically possible for individuals to replace garage door springs, it’s strongly discouraged due to the high risk of injury. Garage door springs are under significant tension, and without the proper tools and expertise, attempting a DIY replacement can be extremely dangerous. We recommend contacting a professional service like 5 Stars Garage Door for safe and efficient spring replacement.
What are the signs that my garage door springs need repair or replacement?
Signs include difficulty opening or closing the door, a loud noise when the door operates, the door hanging at an angle, or visible wear and tear on the springs themselves. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to call a professional.
How long does it take to replace garage door springs?
The time can vary depending on the type of springs and the specifics of your garage door system, but most replacements can be completed in 1 to 2 hours by a skilled technician.
Is it necessary to replace both springs if only one is broken?
Yes, it’s generally recommended to replace both springs at the same time. This ensures balanced lifting and can prevent future issues, as both springs have the same wear and tear over time.
What kind of warranty does Five Stars Garage Door offer on spring repairs and replacements?
5 Stars Garage Door offers a comprehensive warranty covering both parts and labor.
How can I maintain my garage door springs to extend their lifespan?
Regular maintenance includes lubricating the springs with a silicon-based lubricant at least twice a year, checking the balance of the door, and visually inspecting the springs for signs of wear or rust. 5 Stars Garage Door can provide professional maintenance services to help keep your garage door in top condition.
Do you offer emergency services for broken garage door springs?
Yes, 5 Stars Garage Door understands that a broken garage door can be a significant inconvenience and security issue. We offer emergency services to address urgent repairs, including spring replacement, to ensure your garage door is operational and secure as quickly as possible.