Wide Range Of Services In arizona

Our Installation service offers expert installation of new garage doors and replacement of existing ones. We work with you to determine the best size and style for your needs.
Our garage door spring adjustment and replacement service ensures the safe and smooth operation of your door.
Our garage door opener replacement service provides you with a reliable solution to your opener problems. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect opener to fit your needs, ensuring your garage door is operating properly.

Is your garage door opener not working properly? Maybe it is too noisy? We are here to help. We are fully aware of all the components and function of garage door openers. Maybe a simple motherboard switch will fix the problem. 

Want to open your residential garage door via remote or keypad? Our technicians can install and help you with the wiring and programming for any device.
A garage door can become dislodged from its tracks due to an obstruction or impact. 5 Stars Garage Doors offers the ideal solution for your garage door gate.

We can repair or replace your current garage door panels with our wide range of selection of top of the line panels.

Sometimes a simple misaligned garage door sensor is what is causing your garage door to stop working. Some other times we need to replace your garage door sensor with brand new ones.